NetSetGo is conducted on a Saturday Morning at National Park for girls and boys aged 5 and 6 years old. These children will learn skills and participate in activities which will help them when they play netball.


You can register with any of the local sporting clubs (see clubs tab on NNA website) associated with Newcastle Netball or with the Association itself.

Registrations:  You can register on Saturday 6/4, 13/4 or Saturday 4/5 - first day (please come at least half an hour earlier to register)


***If your child is eligible to access the Active Kids Rebate, you are able to use this for registration fees.***

Cost:                       $65.00

Start Date:               Saturday 4th May, 2019

Finish Date:             Saturday 10th August, 2019 with a small presentation

Time:                       9.30 a.m.

Session:                  Approximately 45 minutes.


On the first Saturday (4/5/19) we will meet inside the Club House at National Park, Union Street, Newcastle at 9.15 a.m.

On the following Saturdays you will be able to go to the court that has been allocated for Net Set Go.


Each player should wear skirt/shorts and top – after a couple of weeks you will receive a pack from Netball NSW which will contain a shirt and ball.


If you require any information please call Coaching Convenor

Leigh Whitehead  0418168172