Update 7 - COVID-19 (6/05/20)

Newcastle Netball Association, Wed May 6, 2020 11:03PM



The Newcastle Council has recently put signage up at the National Park precinct due to an increasing concern over the misuse of the open spaces. It is therefore disappointing to still see members using the courts. It is important that our Netball Community in particular, assist us and the wider sporting community in getting back to the sport we love, by complying with Government regulations. The quicker we get back on top of it all, the quicker we can all hit the court.


With this in mind, we encourage all NNA members to consider downloading the coronavirus tracing app - COVIDSafe - on your phone in an effort to help slow down and stop the spread of the virus.

More information on the app can be found at‚Ķ/apps-and-tools/covidsafe-app which has good resources on how the app works and help in downloading and using it.

Last updated: Tuesday May 12, 2020 6:56PM